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What is kitesurfing/Kiteboarding?
Kiteboarding is a surface water sport that combines many aspects of other surface water sports, like wakeboarding, surfing, windsurfing, paragliding, and gymnastics. The rider uses a large controllable power kite to harness the power of the wind and propel themselves across the water on their kiteboard. This board is similar to a wakeboard, and can come with or without foot straps or bindings.
Is kitesurf difficult?

Surprisingly, no. We estimate that after 4 kite lessons (or 8-9hours) depending on abilities you will have the basic skills down. With a few more lessons you can begin to master the techniques involved.

Do I need to be in good shape to kiteboard?
A basic level of fitness is all you need. Modern gear can be adjusted to work for people in a broad range of physical abilities.
When is the best time to kite surf?
The best time of the year for kitesurfing is November through July. From November to February, the wind blows more N or Nest, while from March to July the wind blows more E and SE. While November, June and July can have a few days without wind, the average wind season offers at least 5 “kiteable” days a week, with winds blowing between 12 to 25 knots.
What equipment do I need when kite surfing?

Like all other sports, there is special equipment that you need to kitesurf:

  • A kitesurf kite
  • A kitesurf board
  • A kite bar and lines
  • Accessories such as a harness, wet suit, life jacket, helmet and water shoes

Unfortunately, kiteboarding equipment can be expensive. Luckily, ProKite Tulum is happy to offer equipment for rent when you take advantage of our kitesurfing lessons. We are proud to offer the best kiteboarding equipment on the market, ensuring you have exactly what you need to kitesurf.

What about girls?
The more the better! There are many of ladies who kiteboard, and we would all love to see a lot more! Ladies usually learn faster than men, are more attentive and don t use their strength as much as we do!!!!
What type of training do we offer?
Along with great conditions for learning, the team at Pro Kite Tulum can offer the assistance of our International Kitesurfing Organization (IKO) certified instructors as well as the best gear on the market. Our one-on-one teaching style ensures that an instructor follows you every step of the way, helping you to safely learn kitesurfing. When you choose Pro Kite Tulum you can trust that our experience will give you a safe and enjoyable kiteboarding experience.
What if there is no wind?

Tulum has many attractions to offer alternatively you have the option to choose from other activities that we do.
If a lesson was booked and paid for and there is no wind we will reimburse you.

Can I buy gear directly from Prokite Tulum?
Absolutely! After you have finished your lessons with us, we will put together a package price for lessons and rentals/purchase, taking a percentage of your lesson price and applying it towards equipment. Fancy learning with your own equipment, why not buying before coming, we can also dropship to anywhere in the United States.
Do I have to make a reservation or can I just show up?
It is best to make a reservation, although, we can normally schedule you within a few days if you decide to drop in. Our busiest season is Dec 15th – Feb 1st. During this period you will want to reserve ahead of time.
Is there a cancellation policy?
Please understand that making a reservation with Prokite Tulum is a commitment for us to hold a space for you on your scheduled date and time. That space can rarely be filled without advanced notice. For these reasons we request that in the event you need to cancel, you give us 48 hours’ notice. If you do not give us advance notice we will assess a late fee totalling 50% of the lesson price.
What if there is no wind during my lesson?
We only charge you for the lessons you take. If there is no wind during your scheduled lessons you will not be charged. If you pay in advance and do not finish your lessons, due to weather, your money will be refunded for the hours you did not take.
Where do I find Prokite Tulum Kiteboarding?

Our sport centre is located in hotel Villas Estrellas Hotel. Please refer to the map on our Contact us page. If you have any difficulty finding us please give us a call, what’s app etc…. we will be there to welcome you.

TEL/WHATSAPP - (+52 1) 984 100 58 78
TEL/WHATSAPP - (+52 1) 984 181 84 49